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    Clan Raider V3 Raid Calendar:
    Jam packed with new features and enhancements to make any guild leader’s job easier than ever before. You can give your raid leaders the full ability to add remove and update their own raids all from the sites front end and they never need to be set as an administrator of your site.

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    Stunning Good Looks:
    The new enhanced system now allows for full raid progress bars for overall event status and raid progress bars for all raid classes or functions. You also have the ability to update the necessary amount of needed classes or functions for every event.

    Simple and Fast: Create one event that repeats every week and the system will allow for event registration for each repeat separatelymini-calendar.gif without having to re-create new raid events every week.

    Fun and Easy: Truly stream lined raid support for any raiding guild or clan you will marvel at the beauty of this new system it’s easy to use and this one system, will save so much time for raid leaders they will love to use this raid calendar.



    Included with all New V3 Sites
    Easy to Use Raid Calendar System
    Raid Progress Bars (events page and modules)
    Raid Function Progress Bars (events page)
    RSS Feeds for all your Guilds Events
    Iphone, Smart Phone & Windows sidebar gadgets support
    Pending State for New event registrations
    Raid Leader’s can create, manage, accept & deny all from the Front-end
    Repeating Events with Full Registration Functions
    Add unlimited Raid Leaders
    Each raid leader can only edit his/her events
    New Front Page Module with Progress Bars
    Assign Raid Leader’s as needed
    Create unlimited raid events
    Create re-occurring events with full registration
    Create non-re-occurring events with full registration
    Raid Invitations system (beta)




    New Re-Sizable Fields


    New Drop-Down to Remove Fields from View


    Re-Order Fields



    • It is beyond amazing. The things you can do and customize the site to reflect you and your guild in my opinion is unmatched. The reaction of my guild members when they saw it was in amazement that a guild website can even look like this.
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    Site Features

    • Designer Templates

      custom-designer-templates.png Our pre-configured 100% Responsive themed guild website templates look great on all devices! and are set-up by our team of professionals, each one is contented with game graphics, logos and images to suit your game,

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    • Community & Forums

      Community functions Full Responsive Forums, Members Roster, Profiles, Avatars, Member Ranks, Class, Level, Alts and Professions. Members have their own Blog, Picture Gallery and Profile Wall. You can easily manage all your members’ needs thru one control

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    • Protected Members Area

      protected-members-area.png Easily set your front-page content, forums and modules for “Public” “Registered” or “Members” only viewing. This level on functionality works for all modules, menu items and content. Assign forum moderators easily thru the control panel

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    • Your Domain or Sub-Domain domain-home.png Our servers are set-up to use a real domain name like www.guildhosting.org (extra) or a free sub domain like http://aion.guildhosting.org (included), best of all the choice is yours. If you do not already have your Read More
    • Paypal Guild Donations Module Acceptance Mark PayPal, the trusted leader in online payments, enables buyers and businesses to send and receive money online. Now you can accept donations from your website visitors to your approved Paypal e-mail address. PayPal helps protect Read More
    • Shout Box, Private Messaging & Chat Rooms

      shout-box.png All our guild hosting websites come with Shout Boxes so you can chat with your visitors right on your home page. 1000MB and 2000MB sites come with advanced private messaging and our 2000MB sites come

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    • Web Based Tools web-tools.png Update your site with our advanced web based tool set, NO HTML experience needed. Hours of full screen videos to help you learn exactly how to use your new CMS site with us; best of Read More
    • Member Submitted News Articles members-news.png Members can contribute to the guild website content and submit news articles or raid strategies at anytime. All they do click on the “My Content” link when logged in and type a new news article. Read More
    • Raid Sign-up System

      Clan Raider V3 Raid Calendar: Jam packed with new features and enhancements to make any guild leader’s job easier than ever before. You can give your raid leaders the full ability to add remove and

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    • YouTube Videos & Movies video_camera.png Add Youtube videos anywhere into your site including the front page, content items and forums. Want to add videos from another website? No Problem… Just get the code from that website and embed it on Read More
    • Picture Galleries & Member Galleries

      picture-galleries.png Easily take a screen capture from your favorite MMO game and upload it to your site, once uploaded it will automatically appear on the front page in the random screen captures section. Even your members

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    • Ventrilo and Team Speak Server Status Modules

      vent-ts-server.png All sites come with a Ventrilo Server Status module and Team Speak Server Status module, these require you to already have a 3rd party provider to work. Once set-up your website visitors can see who

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    • Custom Modules and Widgets

      custom-modules-widgets.png Don’t See a Module or Widget that you want on our site? No Problem! With our sites you are able to make unlimited "User" created modules. They can be something as simple as an image

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    • EQDKP Plus

      EQDKP Plus Hosting The Gamer CMS & DKP System

      Guildhosting.org is proud to announce that we are now offering EQDKP Plus the Gamers CMS and DKP System as an upgrade to our 1000MB and 2000MB sites.

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