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     Rift Guild Hosting & Templates for Rift Guilds 
    Rift Guild Hosting & Templates w/ Forums with FREE Stunning Rift Online Guild Hosting Template Now 17-in-1 Joomla 1.5 Template included.

    Live Demo Site: Rift Guild Hosting

    Death Rift Purple Template #2,  <<< View Sample Site

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    STUNNING 17 - In - 1 Rift Online Guild Hosting & Templates, You get all 17 templates in one!!! Change your Rift Guild website Template ANYTIME you want!!!

    NEW RIFT ONLINE GUILD HOSTING - Body Styles, 5 New Rift Online Guild Hosting Styles for you to update and change. Mix and Match the 17 different Templates with these new Body styles to further customize the look of your site, best of all this is easy to do and requires absolutely no coding.

    Rift Guild Hosting New Body Color Styles:

    1. Rift Body Style #1 = Default Rift Color
    2. Rift Body Style #2 = Purple
    3. Rift Body Style #3 = Red
    4. Rift Body Style #4 = Green
    5. Rift Body Style #5 = Blue

    We even make a "Custom Logo" for you "By Hand" in-case you don't already have one, this way your new site will look professional NOT like FREE Guild Hosting providers.

    • NEW CLAN RAIDER V3 with event status bars on front-page and an easy to use interface to make managing even the largest guilds easier and faster then ever before! Read More
    • NEW Boss Progression Module
    • NEW Server Status Module
    • NEW Tool-tips on Site Images
    • New Rift Guild Recruitment Module
    • New Forums w/ Polls & Rift Avatars
    • New Soul Planner
    • RIFT DKP available on 1000MB & 2000Mb plans
    • New Rift Tool-tips (powered by Zam)

    Ultimate Dungeon Hero, Dungeon Smasher


    The New Rift Guild Recruitment module has rollover effects for the class icons and when you touch the class image a tool tip display will show all 8 classes for that discipline and you can easily update this to reflect the need for each of the classes.


    Social Networking Functionality

    • New Community Based Social Networking Functionality
    • 17 Stunning Rift Online Guild Hosting Templates
    • 5 New Rift Body Styles, mix and match your template with these new body graphics. 
    • Template Styles can be changed through the back-end of website.
    • New Adjustable Width Template - Ideal for wide screen monitors (can be set to any width)
    • "CAPTCHA" Registration for better protection against spammers
    • New Instant Messaging System with ability to Instant Message all registered members at once (1000MB & 2000MB Sites ONLY).
    • EQDKP Plus available on 1000MB & 2000Mb plans for a one time set-up fee of $20.00 with no monthly fees.
    • Auto Welcome message for new members; get your new members up-to speed fast 
    • New Chat Room (2000 MB sites ONLY)
    • New Donation Tracking System {njaccess 0}ORDER NOW!{/njaccess}

    Member Enhanced Features

    • Support for animated and Non-Animated avatars
    • New "Search" Option to find members and Alts in the Guild f
    • Awards System that links to members profile (if awarded)
    • Add your own custom Awards or use our pre-loaded awards
    • Each Member has his/her own profile page with tabs:
    • Member Portrait (Animated/Non-Animated Support)
    • Member Ranks, Race, Level, First Profession, Second Profession and Alts Support.
    • Each Member has his/her own Photo Gallery
    • Recent Forum posts and Active posts in Profile tab
    • Member Profile Book to add profile comments
    • Members Awards display in profiles with awards
    • Members Own Blog Page
    • Member Profile Wall
    • Instant Messaging Tab

    Enhanced Site Features

    • Full Avatar support with On-line/Offline status and private messaging links
    • New Guild Leaders module with Avatars, Guild Ranking and Level indicator
    • New Featured Members module with Avatars, Ranking and Level indicator
    • New Online Members Status with linked Avatars, Character Level, Profession and PM's links
    • New Members Blog module, displays recent blog postings from members
    • Customizable Questionnaire required for joining your site
    • Members cannot enter site until approved by guild leader if set
    • New Forums and Forum skin.
    • Full You Tube Video movie support through an advanced plug-in
    • New Recent Members Module with Avatars
    • New who's On-line Module with Avatars and private messaging link.


    {njaccess 0}ORDER NOW!{/njaccess}

    We have pre installed the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Netherlands, Norwegian, Portuguese and Russian. Don't see your language? Contact us to see if it is available as new languages are always being added.
    This guild site can be set to any language listed above, once set to this language the entire list of major components will change over to this language also your members can select from any of these available languages and set the site independently of the other main language. This is particularly good when you have a guild with 2 or more of the supported languages spoken by your members.
    Yes you have always been able to type in any language inside of our sites only the hard coded text and admin areas could not be translated easily until now.
    No, what this means is your sites components and admin section will have the ability to be switched into your language. Normally these areas are hard coded and not up-datable easily, this has always been a problem for content managed sites. Since you can type in your language almost anywhere in the site just fine however the hard coded text you can’t update. Now you can select the language you want to view your site including the admin section (back-end).
    Currently all major components we use have the necessary language files, only the awards area and the donation system do not have translations at this time. Both these components will function correctly once the site is set to another language only it will not have the hard coded text translated.
    Yes the forums will automatically be changed to the new language however at this time the static images that are used in the site are not translated. In time we will have all these buttons translated into the corresponding languages.


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