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    Domain Options

    With our Guild hosting systems you are able to use either a FREE Sub-domain or your own Custom Domain Name. The difference is the Custom Domain name you must own already or order this from a domain name registrar like Godaddy, click here to learn how to order a New Domain Name and SAVE $$$.

    The Free Sub-Domains look like this when you type them into a browser: http://wowv3.guildhosting.org or http://rift.guildhosting.org (examples). With our FREE sub-domain names your members would type into their browsers the name with our without the http:// as both will resolve to your new website once set-up. 

    You do NOT use www. with a sub-domains, using www. is for "Top Level" domain names only.

    Examples of Sub Domains with http://

    Examples of Sub Domains without http://

    All sub domain names are based on availability and in the event the sub-domain name you have selected in NOT available we will contact you and offer some other options.

    Domain names cost from a couple of dollars to approximately $15.00 per year some domain names like .tv extensions can be even more. You can use almost any “TOP LEVEL” domain name with our systems, .com, .us, .info, .biz, .org, .ca, .eu, .it, .fr, and many more. As long as you are able to update your name servers you can use our Guild Hosting Services with your own domain name no matter where you have purchased it.


    Examples of "Top Level" Domain Names



    While we do offer special discounts thru our Godaddy links provided here, you can use any licensed registrar that offers DNS control and the ability to update your name servers to ours. If you are not able to update your name servers and can update your “A” records then we can provide you with the IP to the server your new site will be on and then you can update your “A” records to work with our servers as well. This option is great for our members that want to maintain their own DNS records for e-mail purposes and other reasons.

    If you want to use the “A” record method for your new site set-up and DNS records please “Contact Us” and let us know so we can provide you with the necessary information.

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